Friday, March 16, 2012


Lately I've been obsessed with Mad Men! 

(Image via amctv)

Yes, I know I am super slow and this show has been all the rage for the past FOUR seasons. But I'm so happy I got started on it because I am absolutely IN LOVE with this show! Not just for the drama but the hair, makeup, fashion, lifestyle and everything 60s! It seems like everyone is just so careless drinking and smoking all day. Makes me want to drink and smoke all day. Obviously that won't be for my birthday my lovely sister got me my very own little piece of 60s Mad Men keepsake. 

 Pretty Packaging
 "Mei, Happy Birthday! -Jei"
 It's mine!!! I love the 60s inspired packaging, and it is actually based off of Estee Lauder's packaging in the 60s!
The cream blush is very pigmented and it goes really nicely with the cherry lipstick!

I will be posting a look with these items for my birthday mad men themed tea-time at Tres by Jose Andres! Thanks Jei! I can't wait for our girly tea-time next week!

On a side note, I really want to host a Mad Men Party!

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