Friday, August 26, 2011

Date Nights!


Vintage Hollywood Bombshells

First look:

Full post later!

Can't wait for Providence! Yum yum!

UPDATE: After numerous mentions from my sister that I have not yet updated this post, I'm finally getting around to it! All the wedding planning has been crazy so I'm glad I can finally take a breather and update my blog. I'm still working on the layout that is why everything is so empty and WHITE. Or maybe I should just keep it like this...

Los Angeles, CA

Amuse Bouche: Orange juice + vodka (on left), Mojito ice (on right)

 Waiting eagerly for our nine course tasting menu

After the amuse bouche my photographer decided he would rather eat than watch me eat while he takes pictures. I had the nine course tasting with wine paring and it has some outstanding dishes and some dishes that were just okay. And am I the only person that doesn't know a wine paring consists of one full glass of wine with EVERY course??? By the end of the meal I can say I was sufficiently buzzed and I definitely was enjoying the food a lot more than in the beginning. The nine course with wine paring was $190 and I thought it was actually pretty reasonable considering the quality of food and amount of wine. Nine glasses for $65? That's quite a steal. 

I won't list all nine courses because I can't remember them all and also because I think Providence is one of those restaurants everyone should try at least once. All of the food was presented beautifully, the service seemed a bit casual for such an upscale restaurant, but its was definitely a nice change. 

Overall I was very satisfied and will definitely go back but maybe next time I will just get the five course tasting and no wine pairing...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eyes. Lips. Face.

After waiting for an entire week my e.l.f. complete the look palette finally came!!

For $15, you get the following:
*60 eyeshadow colors in an assortment of matte and shimmer colors
*20 lip colors, it's not too glossy which is nice. But if you want it to look more shimmery just add a touch of gloss at the end!
*3 blushes
*2 bronzers

Initial thoughts on this palette, the eyeshadows are pretty pigmented but not as much as MAC so you do have to apply a few layers. The lip colors are meh by themselves but I haven't tried all of it yet, but when you mix the colors together you can get a pretty satisfying lip color, which is what I did in the picture. I thought the bronzers would be WAY too dark because they look so dark in picture, but actually when you apply it it's not too bad!

Overall, I think it's a great purchase for $15 dollars! Can't wait to try out all the other colors. This is a great buy if you're looking for certain seasonal colors, no point in spending $12 for a single eye color when you can get 60 for $15!

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