Saturday, March 3, 2012


I love starting a new month! For some reason it just feels like a brand new beginning for me on the first of every month. New budget, new meal plans, new goals and plans for the month. March is probably one of my FAVORITE months because not only does it announce the beginning of Spring, it is also me and my husband's birthday month!

For March I am teaming up with my sister to create a meal plan that is all organic, unprocessed, all-natural foods while creating chinese food recipes that use these higher quality ingredients. A lot of people think Chinese food is greasy and unhealthy because they are seeing Panda Express in their heads. But actually Chinese food is quite healthy because it doesn't use salt (substituted with soy sauce) and it is abundant in vegetables! The only thing is the quality of meats and seafood at chinese supermarkets isn't great which is why we are going to create recipes using organic meats and vegetables! I'm very excited about this venture because there are a lot of healthy recipes for American foods on the internet but I rarely find any healthy recipes for AUTHENTIC Chinese food. Please keep in mind that our chinese food would be considered Taiwanese cuisine because most of these are recipes we learned from our mom.

I'm also super excited to create lots of homemade desserts and baked goods! I just discovered my husband got me the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! (He says I ruin all surprises but I think I'm just pretty intuitive!) I also got an ice cream maker and an array of baking necessities!

 On Amazon deal for $47!
Macy's 1-day sale is pretty awesome. Especially if you have a 15% off coupon and open up a Macy's account (another 20% off.) My total savings was $85!

Kitchen Aid hasn't arrived yet but it's the 5qt on Amazon for $199 + $30 Rebate + 10% off using Chase Visa!

I'm so excited to use all of my new goodies! Stay tuned for all my cooking adventures in March =)

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