Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lifestyle Change!

It has been a long time since I blogged here! It has been an amazing few months and I am so happy that 2012 is going off to a great start! I'm doing what I love and hopefully will be working more and more weddings in the coming weeks. 

The last few months I have really been trying to be more healthy and just being a happier and more well rounded individual. I started going to Bar Method religiously (4-5 times a week), got on a more scheduled meal plan (using Dream Dinners) but I just haven't been seeing the results I wanted to see! Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to lose 10lbs, and I admit I can see myself becoming more toned but I thought I would  be seeing a lot more! This led me to think what is it that I'm not doing?? Well I guess I got the exercise part down but not the diet part. I still find myself snacking....eating fast food...eating whatever because I'm too lazy to cook. I mean it really is hard when you live with someone that eats like a MONSTER, yet never gain any weight. So I decided to make a lifestyle change! 

I went to 2 places in West Hollywood today as the beginning of my lifestyle change. 

8380 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-0421

This little place is super cute and the girl working at the front was so helpful. I told her my desire to change my lifestyle and wanted to do a juice cleanse to jump start my diet. 

I got the 3 day juice cleanse. This was NOT CHEAP. At $260 for three days, I am really committing myself to this lifestyle change! The juices are freshly made every morning and delivered straight to your doorstep by 6am. You drink six bottles a day with a combination of teas and lots of water. That's it. No food, just juice. I tried some of the juice at the store and it was absolutely delicious. Not like that nasty wheat grass stuff at Jamba Juice. 

I've done the Master Cleanse before for 10 days and YES I lost a lot of weight in 10 days but overall I felt like it was too intense. I ended up having a slower metabolism and lost muscle mass. I definitely do not recommend anyone to do the Master Cleanse. Cuz guess what, all that weight you lose in those ten days comes back, and then some. 

So this time I'm committed to doing a cleanse the RIGHT way. I'm starting the cleanse tomorrow for 3 days, they say you can keep going but at that price tag, 3 days is all I'm going to do! I will have daily updates throughout my cleanse! 

My second stop in West Hollywood was at:

7123 Melrose Ave
Los AngelesCA 90046
(323) 933-5369

I am really blessed to have a clear complexion and good skin. I rarely get a pimple and generally never have any problems with my skin. Besides being a little dry and sensitive to some products my skin is pretty much problem free. Well if it's not broken why fix it right?! Wrong. I know that although my skin may be perfect now it might not be the case in 10-20 years. I really want to maintain! Because once you age, your skin only goes downhill especially if you don't take care of it while it's at its best. I currently use the entire Chanel line, from face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer and eye cream, I use it all! While it works wonderfully, it is sadly ladened with chemicals. It smells wonderful, but that's because it is heavily perfumed. Hence why I went to Green Line Beauty. 

The owner Stacey was super knowledgeable and helpful in recommending a skincare line for me. I ended up getting the skincare line from SIRCUIT. I got the x-trap (daily gentle face wash), molecular mist (hydrating moisture care), day care (protective day moisturizer), and cloud 9 (intensely protective moisture creme). I loved that Stacey did not pressure me to buy more products than I needed and told me to go back in a month and we can reevaluate my skin. She also talked to me about the blood type diet and it turns out I've been eating everything that isn't meant for me! I am a carnivore, but apparently blood type A people are suppose to be vegetarians. OOPS! Am I going to become a vegetarian? I think not. At least not anytime soon. But this definitely peaked my interest and I shall be going to pick up a copy of Eat Right 4 Your Type from the library later. 

I was also talking to Stacey about how I'm interested in getting regular facials but have never had a facial experience where I don't leave looking like a red tomato. Well guess what! They offer facials there! Woohoo! She promised me their clients never leave with a red face and they only use the best all natural products. Apparently they have a whole slew of celebrity clientele, not that it matter but that's kinda cool. Their esthetician is Marissa Reich of Skinny Dip Skin, I will definitely be making an appointment with her! 

That was a LONG POST! I will be updating regularly with reactions of my new skincare regiment and the juice cleanse! Now I'm off to the library and taking my babies to the doggy park!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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