Friday, February 17, 2012

Beauty Routine Update

I have been using the Sircuit skincare line for about two weeks now! And I'm happy to report that I am really liking it. I tend to have naturally dry skin so it's nice that I don't have to reapply the moisturizer during the day but still feel like my skin is hydrated.

*x-trap cleanser: super gentle but you definitely feel that it cleans your face without leaving your skin all tight afterwards.
*day care moisturizer spf 15: smells really good and leaves your skin nice and dewy
*molecular hydrating mist: a perfect finishing touch to the moisturizer and I also use it to set my makeup. If I feel a little dry towards the end of the day I spray some of this to rehydrate rather than reapplying the moisturizer. I LOVE this product.
*cloud 9 night cream: I use this as a face and eye cream because it's so hydrating and gentle you can use it on your eyes rather than spending more money for eye cream!

After my juice cleanse I did notice my skin was breaking out a little bit and there was some redness. But after I went to get a facial from Marissa at Green Line Beauty, all was solved! She did an amazing job and I did not leave with a splotchy red face like how I normally do from other facial places! My favorite part was that she had these eye pods she puts over your eyes when she's using the magnifying lens with the super bright light during extractions. My eyes are really sensitive to bright lights so it was nice that she had something that made the process less painful. I've had estheticians that just put cotton pads over my light shines directly through cotton pads....

Marissa also gave me a sample of Tammy Fender's Capillary Strengthening Serum which I am seriously loving. I'm so sad because the sample is super tiny and I am trying to make it last as long as possible! I started to get some broken capillaries on my face a few months back and it has been bothering me. But supposedly this will do the trick and strengthen capillaries as well as reduce any redness. It's $80 on amazon...maybe I will splurge on this for my birthday! I like this serum a lot more than the Sircuit O.M.G. serum which I also got a sample of. I feel that it isn't as hydrating and it has a really funky grass smell that I don't like. It's also $150 almost double the Tammy Fender! I also have a sample of the Sircuit sir activ exfoliator which I tried during my facial and loved it. I need to stop being lazy and exfoliate once a week...

I also picked up the Sircuit sol-avert spf 30 just for a little bit  more coverage during the day. I feel it is a little bit dry when you first put it on but I mist the molecular after I put this on and it works pretty well. It doesn't leave a greasy residue and absorbs really quickly, which I like.

This is my face without any makeup! Just wearing the above products. 

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